COM implemented ZogoTech

What is ZogoTech?

ZogoTech is a data warehouse that empowers end users to get the data they need for decision-making. The solution includes many applications tailored to the needs of community colleges including developmental education analytics, cohort tracking, National Student Clearinghouse integration, momentum point analysis and day-to-day enrollment management analytics. With our highly acclaimed user interface, users of all levels – from Executive to Advisor – can take ownership for their own functional areas, freeing IR and IT to focus on strategic goals.


ZogoTech works exclusively with institutions of higher education and their expertise in the area of community college data is unsurpassed. They have worked with a number of colleges using the Colleague ERP and have pre-defined scripts to get most of the Colleague fields with no changes. ZogoTech’s staff has a deep knowledge of community college data needs and therefore, COM can get up and running much quicker than other companies. ZogoTech’s collaborative approach allows our clients to benefit from the best practices of other client colleges, as well as national initiatives such as Achieving the Dream and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.