Faculty Laptop Initiative

Faculty Laptop Initiative 

Information Technology Services encourages faculty to integrate the use of technology into the curriculum and supports the use of the laptop / tablet computer for teaching and learning. As part of this process, all COM permanent full-time faculty can participate in the Faculty Laptop Initiative (FLI) and will be issued a laptop as part of the program.


The Faculty Laptop Initiative is available to all COM Fall 2016 permanent full-time faculty that wish to participate.


Please schedule an appointment with the Help Desk at x8302 to pickup the laptop. The laptops must be picked up by the eligible faculty member between August 1st and September 30, 2016.

Faculty Laptop Models

All new eligible faculty will receive the current FLI model laptop.

Laptop Software Image

In order to ensure the successful integration of the laptop into your coursework, Information Technology Services has selected and licensed a core suite of software. All of the laptops are pre-loaded with this standard suite of software.


Q:  Do eligible faculty have to choose EITHER a laptop or the desktop?

A: No, Information Technology wants to encourage the use of mobile technology so COM full-time permanent faculty will receive the new laptop in addition to their current desktop.

Q: Do I have to be a COM full-time permanent faculty member to receive a laptop as part of the FLI?

A: Yes, only COM full-time permanent faculty members are eligible for the FLI

Q: Is there a time that I am required to pick up my new laptop?

A: Yes, all COM full-time permanent faculty members must pickup their new laptop prior to September 30, 2016.  No laptops will be issued after this date.

Q:  Does the new laptop come with a carrying case?

A: No, the laptop comes with a charger.  You will need to provide a carrying case if you desire.

Q: I went to pick up my new laptop and my name wasn’t on the list.  What do I do?

A: If your name is not on our list you will not receive a laptop.  We will contact Human Resources and verify your status and then contact you.

Q: I went to pick up my laptop and there are no more.  What happens?

A: A limited number of laptops were purchased for the FLI, so when the inventory is depleted the initiative will be closed for the year.

Q: What happens if I lose or break my laptop?

A: Laptops will not be replaced regardless of circumstance. Warranty related repairs will be processed through HP.