Removal of Local Admin Privileges


Why are we doing this?

Many colleges and universities are attacked with malware on a daily basis.  This malware can be in the form of ransomware, credential stealing software, and malicious actors intent on stealing your personal information and that of your co-workers and our students.   One of the key factors in this malware being successful is users having local administrator privileges on their workstation.  Most users may not be aware that they have local administrator privileges, so the change will go unnoticed by them. Our goal is to remove this elevated privileges from all workstations on campus.  This will also get us in alignment with our Acceptable Use regulation.

What precautions will be taken to prevent workflow interruptions?

Testing will be conducted by End User Support and Network Operations personnel.   The expectation is that workstations / users in question will be placed in the test group to ensure all software / processes work as intended by not having local administrator privileges.   Questions on the testing process should be directed to the help desk.

What is the timeframe?

Over the next 60 days Information Technology Services will begin removing users from the local admin group of their workstation.