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My COM – Ellucian Portal

No more logging into handfuls of systems and sites to manage day-to-day campus life. Ellucian Portal is a higher education portal that simplifies information exchange for your students, faculty, and staff by giving them a single, virtual doorway. By drawing on information housed in a common database, the Ellucian Portal enables users to do whatever … Continue reading My COM – Ellucian Portal

COM implemented ZogoTech

What is ZogoTech? ZogoTech is a data warehouse that empowers end users to get the data they need for decision-making. The solution includes many applications tailored to the needs of community colleges including developmental education analytics, cohort tracking, National Student Clearinghouse integration, momentum point analysis and day-to-day enrollment management analytics. With our highly acclaimed user interface, … Continue reading COM implemented ZogoTech

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Password Reset Tool

Enroll Now! Information Technology Systems (ITS) has installed the PortalGuard password reset client application on all campus computers. Presently, this password recovery tool is only installed on employee computers. It is highly recommended students enroll in the system before classes begin by going to If they have not enrolled with the password recovery tool, they will … Continue reading Password Reset Tool

Removal of Local Admin Privileges

Why are we doing this? Many colleges and universities are attacked with malware on a daily basis.  This malware can be in the form of ransomware, credential stealing software, and malicious actors intent on stealing your personal information and that of your co-workers and our students.   One of the key factors in this malware being … Continue reading Removal of Local Admin Privileges

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